Employing Foreign Nationals

If you are thinking about employing foreign nationals and need help, consider our guide which will save you thousands in high consultant fees. Our guide shows you all the steps required for you to understand the employer sponsorship application process yourself and provides answers to the information you need to make a UK Visa application for sponsoring foreign workers.

If you need to fill a position in your company and you can’t find the required skilled and already settled applicant here in the UK then you can hire a non-eea national to fill the post. To hire a foreign worker you will need to be registered with the UK Border Agency to employ foreign workers. Our guide will layout the steps clearly so you don’t have to pay a consultant a large fee to do what you can do yourself already.

What our guide will teach you:

  • How to prepare for the registration process
  • How to begin the registration process
  • What’s expected from you as an Employer by the UK Border Agency
  • How to ensure your HR practices are compliant
  • How to prepare your prospective employee if you have already found one to fill the position
  • The application process explained to ensure you know each step
  • A full comprehensive document list
  • Full explanation of each document and what is acceptable for UKBA requirements

If you are considering employing foreign nationals then you can’t afford not to use our guide as it will make the application process easier and provide you with the knowledge required to prepare the application for a Sponsor license yourself.