Why you should use our visa application guide?

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Why you should use our visa application guide?

Our visa application guide has been designed by immigration lawyers and consultants with years of experience. We have processed and submitted countless applications and know all the common problems, errors, mistakes an issues that people face each time they apply.

What is clear after dealing with so many applications is that most people could do it themselves with the right guidance and push. Many people understand the fundamentals. They have already done some research or background checks and may have even started preparing. Is it right you should pay someone fees such as £900 to process and submit your application if you have already done the ground work? Absolutely not. With out guide you can learn how to make your own application and save that money for something else.

Visa Application – Learn how to:

  • Obtain all the correct forms
  • How to layout your application
  • What documents are required, with detailed explanation of each document and what it is required for
  • Common mistakes, how to avoid refusals and inside information that you won’t know about
  • Find out what happens when you submit your application
  • Use our proven structure for successful applications
  • Find out how to reduce immigration consultant fees by 60%

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