UK Visa for under £50

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UK Visa for under £50

It’s no hidden fact that the UK Border Agency is under immense stress right now from all angles. They are being ridiculed by MP’s for failing to secure the borders and being made a laughing stock by newspapers for all the internal fraud that was uncovered recently.

What does this have to do with my UK Visa Application?

Immigration rules are already at an all time high for how strict they have become. If there is even more pressure put on the government and UKBA to make the process even harder then you stand to lose out. New rules are continually being implemented and consultations are always ongoing to reduce migration numbers. Don’t fine yourself one of those numbers. Buy our immigration guide today and find out how you can get your visa without paying an immigration consultant  high fees.

With our immigration guide you can get your application submitted faster than using a consultant. How is this you may be thinking? Well they are always busy and only in a rush to get your payment. once you have paid then you may not even hear from them until the end of the month (usually when they are looking for the next installment of your payment plan!). It doesn’t matter to them if you get your visa or not so you should take action and control your own situation.

By acting on our immigration guide you should be able to:

  • Prepare and apply within one week
  • Understand what documents and forms are required and how to get these documents
  • Avoid common pitfalls and refusal mistakes
  • Save yourself a serious amount of money by not paying high fees to a consultant


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