Permanent Residence Application Made Easy

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Permanent Residence Application Made Easy

If your partner or spouse has been in the UK for 2 years or more then they can apply for Permanent Residence. Usually they will have 3 months left on their visa from the qualifying date of 2 years as a spouse visa is issued for 27 months. These 3 months are crucial to ensure you collect the right documents and prepare accordingly. The Permanent Residence guide will break down the following for you:

  • How, Where and when to apply
  • What application form and method to use
  • Application fees
  • Full application document list
  • Breakdown of documents required in the application
  • Reasons for refusal in settlement applications
  • How the UKBA process your settlement application

Settlement in the UK is called Indefinite Leave to Remain by the UK Border Agency. When this is granted your partner will e considered a UK Permanent Resident.

Making a Permanent Residence application has never been easier when using our settlement guide. Full detailed information compiled by an immigration expert to ensure you are prepared in advance for your application and avoid making the common mistakes everyone else makes. Can you afford to have you or your partner’s visa refused? Educate yourself and find out how to make the application the right way.

Indefinite Leave to Remain guide SET (M)
Indefinite Leave to Remain guide SET (M)
This guide provides all the required information to make an ILR application if you are sponsoring your partner to become a permanent residence in the UK. the guide includes a list of all required documents and letter templates including instructions on how to complete all tests. A must have guide if you want to prepare for your application and save money.
Price: £89.95
Price: £39.95

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