Learn how to bring your spouse to the UK

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Learn how to bring your spouse to the UK

Have you met someone from outside the UK (and EEA) and want them to join you in the UK to live with you? Are you finding the process complicated, confusing and not sure what to do from here? What you need is the guidance that is inside our UK Visa application pack. This guide has been compiled by a UK Visa expert who has handled many partner and spouse visa applications from within the UK and for applicants outside the UK in all parts of the world.

Our immigration guide will show you:

  • How to find the correct application form and fees charged
  • What documents are required for the application
  • Breakdown of documents to ensure you understand each one in the list
  • Explanation of how the Immigration staff process your application
  • Tips on how to avoid refusals
  • Explanation to the most common refusal reasons

If you are serious about bringing a partner or spouse to the UK you should at least consider getting this guide to educate yourself on the application process to ensure they are not left in a foreign country for another 3 to 6 months due to a simple mistake.

Spouse Visa Application guide
Spouse Visa Application guide
Ultimate Visa Application guide that shows you how to make a spouse visa application from start to finish including all the tips and tricks. Also includes full list of documents required and information regarding what immigration consultants really do for you and how to reduce your fees with them if you ever use any
Price: £99
Price: £49.95

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